Volume 9, No. 1: Mar, 2008


    Issue 1, Volume 9 - Spring 2008



    Bus Stops get face lift

    Actors aren’t the only things in Hollywood getting work done.  Thanks to the Media District and the MTA, the bus stops on Santa Monica Blvd. are currently under construction, as crews implement the Bus Stop Improvement Project at 12 bus stops throughout the District.



    Workers from Damon Construction install the new colored concrete in the pattern of a filmstrip at the bus stop at Santa Monica and Las Palmas on March 19.


    The project, the result of an MTA grant awarded to the BID several years ago, is finally underway as construction crews have recently ripped up the concrete at the bus stops and are pouring new colored concrete in the pattern of a film strip at 7 of the bus stops.  Other improvements include new benches, trash receptacles, planters, and pedestrian lights. 


    The orange concrete was laid on March 19 for most of the bus stops in the project; the green inner squares of the filmstrip pattern will be completed on March 21.


    Quality of Life Line now open

    The Hollywood Media District has once again joined forces with the Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council to combat some of the quality of life issues in the District and the surrounding neighborhoods.

    Due to increased complaints regarding undesirable elements in the District, the HMD/CHNC Quality of Life line has been established to provide residents, property owners, businesses and visitors to the area with a phone number to collect input regarding quality of life issues.  To register a concern or complaint, simply call 323-993-5491 and leave a voice message with specific information, or send an e-mail to qualityoflife@mediadistrict.org.

    The information obtained through the Quality of Life Line will be compiled and forwarded to the appropriate departments, including the HMD Security Team, the Council Office, and if appropriate, LAPD.


    Want some tax credits?

    On Wednesday, March 26, the Hollywood Media District will present a program on the State Enterprise Zone Program, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC).  Additional partners include Tax Incentive Solutions and the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). 

    The program is free of charge, and attendees will learn how their businesses can benefit from tax credits in the Los Angeles Enterprise Zone, economic development programs, energy efficiency, and business assistance.  Information will be presented on how businesses may qualify and benefit from programs and services aimed to support the growth of businesses in Hollywood and the expansion of jobs.  Additionally, find out how your company may be eligible for California State tax credits and other programs offered by the City’s Department of Water and Power.

    Continental breakfast will be served.  Please RSVP by Tuesday, March 25, to Devin Strecker at 323-460-6322 or dstrecker@mediadistrict.org.


    Saying goodbye to Johnny Grant

    It is with great sadness that Hollywood bids farewell to it’s biggest cheerleader, Johnny Grant; the Honorary Mayor of Hollywood since 1980.

    Grant passed away on January 9, 2008.  In his long career in Hollywood, he was known as a radio personality and television producer, but in recent years had become a mascot for the renaissance of Hollywood.  He devoted countless hours of his unpaid role as Honorary Mayor to promoting Hollywood.  He served as the chair of the Walk of Fame Committee and was the long-time Executive Producer of the Hollywood Christmas Parade.  He convinced the U.S. Post Office to give Hollywood it’s own cancellation stamp for outgoing mail, helped restore and maintain the famous “Hollywood” sign, and urged lawmakers to keep funding on track for the Red Line Subway which connects Hollywood with the rest of the city.

    Outside of Hollywood, Grant served as a U.S.O. ambassador, and was a retired major general in the California State Military Reserve, among many other honors and accomplishments.

    On Sunday, March 23rd, a tribute will be made to Grant at the Hollywood Bowl Easter Sunrise Service, which the BID is proud to be a sponsor of.  For more information about the event, visit www.hollywoodbowleaster.com or call Norma Foster at 323-460-7170.

    Johnny Grant will definitely be missed by Hollywood, but his legacy will live on as those who he inspired strive to make Tinseltown sparkle. 


    A hand up – not a hand out

    That is the motto of People Assisting The Homeless (PATH) and their outreach teams who walk the streets of Hollywood, offering assistance to those who are homeless.

    The Media District has long been a supporter of PATH and recently, along with many other local organizations and our sister BIDs in Hollywood, helped fund PATH’s new evening outreach program, HERO: Hollywood Emergency Outreach Team.

    In just 4 months, the HERO team has made contact with 293 people living on the streets, offering sack lunches and basic supplies and hygiene kits, but also informing them about local social services programs including the PATH Regional Homeless Center and PATH Hollywood Center. 

    HERO also provides the community with a hotline, 1-866-923-HERO, so that anyone may call and refer the outreach team to a particular person or location that the team can reach out to. 

    Yes! In My Backyard (Y!MBY) is another community driven program with a goal of ending homelessness by connecting those in need with existing care and resources.  Y!MBY is sponsoring a Connect Day on June 26th at the Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre to connect the homeless with service providers who can offer them assistance. 

    Currently, PATH and Y!MBY are looking for volunteers for their programs and for Connect Day.  Please contact Devin at 323-460-6322 for more info.


    HMD brings more trees and plants

    The HMD’s Clean Committee is once again sprucing up the area with new landscaping projects.  Through a grant won by our maintenance and landscaping contractor, Hollywood Beautification Team, we will be planting over 40 new trees, most of which will go into the area west of Highland Avenue. 

    Additionally, a new pilot program has begun in which certain tree wells will be planted with various succulents and hardy plants. HBT had reported to the BID that the decomposed granite (DG) which fills the tree wells in the sidewalks had settled in numerous locations, creating trip hazards for pedestrians.  Rather than simply refill the wells with DG, the committee wanted to beautify the area by landscaping those tree wells.  Because the District is a high traffic area, the committee decided to first plant the tree wells located at red zones, so that the plants would not be harmed by car doors or passengers exiting from automobiles.

    If you are interested in helping the BID with it’s beautification,  feel free to join the Cleaning and Maintenance Committee, which meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 3:00 pm.  Contact Devin at 323-460-6322 for more details.


    -  Ride-A-Long On Wednesday, Match 12, members of the C-PAB (Community Police Advisory Board) Executive Committee joined Senior Lead Officer Washington, neighborhood Prosecutor Will Rivera, and Media District Operations Coordinator Devin Strecker on a ride-a-long of Washington’s area, which includes much of the BID.  Washington pointed out the area’s “hot spots” including the stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. between Highland and Las Palmas.  The group ended their tour with a visit to the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition’s feeding program at Sycamore and Vine, where they met with a representative from the ACLU and volunteers from the Coalition.  Washington will present a detailed report of the ride-a-long and the issues in his area at the next C-PAB meeting on Tuesday, March 25 at 5:30pm at Hollywood City Hall, 6501 Fountain.

    - Camera Considerations The Board of Directors has been carefully examining maintenance proposals from Metro Video Systems to service the Security Cameras that the BID installed throughout the district in 2006.  Metro offered both a basic service plan to maintain the system as well as a more costly full service plan.  Initially, the board voted to approve the basic service plan.  However, many components of the system are shared with the Hollywood Entertainment District and Council District 13; those organizations both opted for the full service plan.   Kerry Morrison from HED and LAPD Hollywood Capt. Clay Farrell attended the February HMD Board Meeting to urge our BID to consider the full service option as well.  The Security and Public Relations committee is currently reexamining the issue and is will be on the agenda for discussion and action at the next board meeting on March 27, 3:00pm (see Mark Your Calendars, page 4).

    - Business Watch The monthly Business Watch Meetings have started the year off with a bang, featuring guest speakers from The Bureau of Street Services in February and The Department of Transportation in March.  The next meeting is scheduled for April 3, and we will be discussing the problem of transients living in their vehicles in the area. 


    Control your energy costs!

    Need help understanding your energy usage?  Want to reduce costs?  LA DWP has a program called ELM (Energy Load Monitoring) that can help.  HMD’s Operations Coordinator, Devin Strecker, recently attended a workshop on the ELM Program, which are offered several times a year and now has information on file at the BID Office.

    ELM allows businesses to access their detailed energy profiles, which are refined to 15 minute intervals, via the Internet.  Energy and cost information is presented in a variety of easy-to-read charts and graphs.  Using a PC, you can view, modify, and analyze your data to help make informed energy decisions and identify cost-saving measures.  Access to data and reports is controlled through secure logins. 

    If you would like additional information or are interested in enrolling, please contact your Account Manager or the ELM Program Manager at ELM@ladwp.com, 213-367-2010, or online at www.ladwp.com/elm.  Pricing for enrollment varies depending on your DWP usage, but special introductory offers are now available.





    On Theatre Row



    Art/Works Theater, 6569 Santa Monica Blvd., Phone 323-871-1912

    ·          References to Salvador Dali Make Me Hot, Apr. 10 – May 3; call 323-960-5773 for tix.

    ·          House of Yes, Written by Wendy McLeod, May 7, 11, 18, 21, 28. myspace.com/houseofyes08

    The Blank Theatre, 6500 Santa Monica Blvd.,

    Banner # 4, Phone: 323-661-9827  

    ·          Dickie & Babe: The Truth about Leopold and Loeb, Written and Directed by Daniel Henning.  WORLD PREMIERE Closes March 30th. www.theblank.com

    ·          Living Room Series, A different play each Monday night presented through this workshop series.  Call for more information.



    The Complex Theatres, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd., Banner # 5, Phone: 323-465-0383  

    ·          Orange Lemon Egg Canary, Written by Rinne Groff, Directed by Talya Klein.  Through April 5.  Call 323-960-7862

    ·          The Case of the Crushed Petunias and Cowboys #2, April 10-20.

    ·          The Importance of Being Earnest, Apr. 24 – May 18.

    ·          I Want a Rock Right Now, May 1 – 4.

    ·          The Nothing Boys, May 2 – 25.

    ·          The House of Yes, May 8 – June 29.

    ·          I Stand Before You Naked, July 10 – Aug. 17.

    Elephant Stageworks, 6322 Santa Monica Blvd., Banner # 9, Phone: 323-962-0046

    ·          Common Air, Extended Again!! REOPENING MARCH 28th! Critics Choice "A Must See Show" - LA TIMES “Recommended” - LA Times.  www.thecommonair.com

    ·          The Dying Gaul, Written by Craig Lucas, Apr. 19.  Call 323-960-7745

    ·          Time’s Scream and Hurry, Mar. 28 – May 3.

    ·          Tooth and Nail, Written by Gene Acosta.  May 9 – June 14; www.elephanttheatre.com

    Celebration Theatre, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd., Phone: 323-957-1884.

    ·          Stupid Kids, Written by John C. Russell.  Extended through Apr. 6.  For more info visit www.celebrationtheatre.com.

    ·          Coffee Will Make You Black, Adapted by Michael A. Shepperd.  Opens Apr. 18.

    LAGLC’s Renberg Theater, 1125 N. McCadden Pl.,

    Phone 323-860-7302.

    ·          The Lost Plays of Tennessee Williams, Mar. 21 – Jun. 8. 

    ·          The Missmatch Game, Hosted by Dennis Hensley.  Apr. 18-20.

    ·          The Jill and Julia Show, Starring Jill Sobule and Julia Sweeney.  Apr. 4, 5.

    Tickets to all shows available by calling 323-860-7300 or visiting lagaycenter.org/boxoffice

    The Lex Theatre, 6760 Lexington Ave.,

    Phone 323-957-5782.

    ·          Call for upcoming shows.   

    The Hudson Theatre, 6539 Santa Monica Blvd., Banner # 1, Phone: 323-661-9827  

    ·          Atlantic Conservatory Showcase 2008, Apr. 29, 30.  

    ·          Great Expectations, A new musical based on the novel by Charles Dickens, Apr. 6 – 27.

    ·          Regretrosexual – The Love Story, Written and Performed by Dan Rothenberg and Colleen Crabtree.  Feb. 7 – Mar. 15.  

    National Comedy Theatre, 733 N. Seward St., Phone: 323-856-4796.

    ·          Comedy Sportz, 8pm on Fridays and Sundays, 8pm and 10:30pm on Saturdays.

    ·          U-Sical, 10:30pm on Fridays.

    ·          ComedySportzKidz, 3pm on the first Saturday of each month.

    ·          College Team, 8pm on Thursdays.

    ·          The High, Thursdays at 10:30pm.  www.comedysportzla.com.

    Unknown Theatre, 1110 N. Seward St., Phone: 323-466-7781.

    ·          Accidental Death of an Anarchist, By Dario Fo, Through Mar. 29.

    ·          Ganga: Life as a River, Arpana Dance Company.  Directed by Ramya Harishankar and Priya Srinvasan.  Apr. 3 – 5.

    The Media Messenger makes every effort to include accurate information and include all theatres and shows in the District.  Please contact the Theatres for more information on each show.  If you would like to make sure your show is listed in the Messenger, please contact Devin at 323-460-6322.



    Officers elected for 2008 Board

    The Hollywood Media District Board of Directors has elected officers for the current year.   

    We are pleased to announce the following appointments:

    ·   Carol Cassella, Ren-Mar Studios, President

    ·   Tim Mahoney, Hollywood Center Studios, Vice President I

    ·   David Mozes, The CMS Group, Vice President II

    ·   Wil Anabel, Mader Inc., Treasurer

    ·   Ron Groeper, McCadden Space Studio, Secretary

    Congratulations to all the new officers!


    Central Hollywood Neighborhood Council

    Monday, March 24, 6pm

    Hollywood City Hall, 6501 Fountain (Corner of Wilcox)

    Please call Debbie Wehbe at 323-465-9036  for more details.


    Hollywood C-PAB

    Community Police Advisory Board

    Tuesday, March 25, 5:30pm

    Hollywood City Hall, 6501 Fountain

    Please e-mail Gary Minzer, minzerdude@aol.com, for more details


    HMD Board of Directors Meeting

    Thursday, March 27, 3:00 PM

    Musician’s Union Auditorium

    917 N. Vine Street

    Please call Devin at 323-460-6322 to RSVP


    Business Watch Meeting

    Thursday, April 3, 12:00 noon

    Hollywood Community City Hall

    6501 Fountain Ave. (Corner of Wilcox)

    Lunch will be provided.

    Please call Devin at 323-460-6322 to RSVP


    HMD Safe & Clean Committees

    Monday, April 7, 2pm & 3pm

    Ren-Mar Studios

    846 N. Cahuenga

    Please call Devin at 323-460-6322 to RSVP


    HMD Board of Directors Meeting

    Thursday, April 24, 3:00 PM

    Musician’s Union Auditorium

    917 N. Vine Street

    Please call Devin at 323-460-6322 to RSVP


    All future meetings and agendas will be posted at www.mediadistrict.org at least 72 hours in advance.


    Hollywood Media District

    Board of Directors


    Carol Cassella, President, Ren-Mar Studios

    Tim Mahoney, Vice President I,

       Hollywood Center Studios

    David Mozes, Vice President II, CMS Group

    Wil Anabel, Treasurer, Mader Inc.

    Ron Groeper, Secretary, McCadden Space Studios


    Matt Chait, The Complex Theaters

    Rick Howard, Albert Sweet Development

    Marc Jacoby, Musicians Credit Union

    Thor Lee, Ramsey Schilling Commercial Realty                             

    Stephen Loverro, West Coast Photo