Volume 4, No. 9: Sep, 2003

    September 2003 | Volume No.4 | Issue No.9
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    BID Starts Renewal

    As the current phase of the Hollywood Media District nears it's December 2004 sunset, the renewal effort has begun. The BID has hired Progressive Urban Management Associates out of Denver, Colo. as our renewal consultant. PUMA has provided marketing, management and financial services to downtown management organization, local governments, community development corporations and private firms in over 24 states.

    Brad Segal, founder of PUMA, will arrive mid-September to begin meeting with BID staff, directors, and stakeholders. Segal is familiar with the Hollywood Media District, as he was involved in the initial formation of the BID. Segal also recently helped keep the BID on task when he conducted the Board of Director's Visioning Session earlier this year.

    In addition to renewing the BID, PUMA will also coordinate an expansion effort. The expansion will encompass the area west of the current BID boundaries to LaBrea from Lexington down to Willoughby.

    Look for a survey relating to the expansion and the existing area within the next few weeks. These surveys will help develop the criteria for a new Management Plan, which will be completed by the end of December. The Management Plan will detail the type of services that the Business Improvement District offers and the amount of the special assessment.

    We will conduct several public meetings in Mid-October to discuss what programs our stakeholders would support along with the amount of assessment and what period of time the BID will be in business, which could vary from 5 to 10 years. Once we have notified you of these meetings, please make every effort to attend. Once completed, the Management Plan and a petition will be mailed to all stakeholders for review. The signed petition must be returned to the City Clerk. We will be reporting monthly on the bid's renewal progress.

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    Green Tickets Reduce Theft

    The BID's security team has implemented a new program in an effort to reduce theft from vehicles in the BID as well as heighten awareness.

    Safety Patrol members will be leaving green tickets on car windows when they observe a situation that could lead to a theft. Examples include a car with a phone, coins, CD's or other valuables that are visible inside.

    In addition, tickets will notify auto owners of a flat tire, lights on, if their car was involved in an accident or the window/door left unsecured.

    The tickets include the date, time and location where the observation was made - and best of all, unlike a parking ticket - there's no fee!

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    Meet Ken Nakano

    With our new Security Team, Securitas Inc., comes a new Security Director. Ken Nakano, a Southern California native, was selected by the BID's security committee to fill the position.

    Nakano got his start in the security industry when he was just 18, working at a mall in Montebello. Immediately before joining the Hollywood Media District, Nakano was a supervisor at the Downtown Center BID, which covers 65 blocks of downtown Los Angeles, as well as serving as the lead supervisor for the Homeless Outreach Team (BID A.C.T.I.O.N.).

    "My initial impression of the BID so far is that the area is very diverse," Nakano said. "I felt that the potential to make this area safe was definitely there

    "My goal for the BID is to make it so residents and business associates can walk around anytime of the day and feel safe about doing so. I also would like to make it known to those in the BID that the Safety Team is here to help them in anyway that we can."

    When he is not on duty at the BID, Nakano enjoys deep sea and fresh water fishing. He also plays in-line hockey and coaches youth hockey leagues.

    Feel free to contact Nakano at 323-871-4150.

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    HBT August Reports

    Week of August 4-10, 2003 Week Month Year
    Trash Bags Collected 453 575 10462
    Business Graffiti (Sq. ft.) 2254 3377 44529
    City Property Graffiti (# of cases) 88 93 2216
    Week of August 11-17, 2003 Week Month Year
    Trash Bags Collected 368 943 10830
    Business Graffiti (Sq. ft.) 776 4153 45305
    City Property Graffiti (# of cases) 45 138 2261
    Week of August 18-24, 2003 Week Month Year
    Trash Bags Collected 449 1392 11279
    Business Graffiti (Sq. ft.) 247 4400 45552
    City Property Graffiti (# of cases) 85 223 2346

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    Media District Briefs

    - The LACC (Los Angeles Conservation Corps) has completed the curb cuts for the DWP trees to be planted on Lillian, Cahuenga, Cole, and Seward. Brisbane Box Trees will be planted in most areas, Austrailian Willows will be planted if there are lines overhead.

    - The next order of Calamondin trees is on hold. The nursery is currently out of Calamondin trees and there will be no more available until December. Alternatives are being researched.

    - You may have noticed the new HMD Safety Patrol Vehicle that has been cruising the streets of the BID. The Honda Element will have the BID's logo on it and had been very helpful in our nighttime deployment.

    - Work continues on the Highland Gateway project. Now that the first median is totally completed, work has begun on other aspects of the Gateway, which will include a sign and landscaping at the Union 76. DOT needs to sign off on the plans for the sign before work can proceed.

    - The Spine Committee will be meeting Tuesday, Sept. 16 to discuss plans for Santa Monica Blvd. Specifically, the new ViaCom Bus Shelters and kiosks will be a topic of conversation.

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    SEE-LA "Farm To Table" Activities

    In the winter and spring of 2003, forty parents at Vine Street Elementary completed a six-week series of Good Cooking classes, which teach about food and nutrition and the value of shopping at farmers' markets. The class culminated with a potluck. Classes continue in the area at other school' parents centers, WIC clinics, and community housing projects.

    Last month, students at Vine Elementary took their science classes one step further and actually visited McGrath Family Farms in Camarillo. SEE-LA coordinated this visit with funds from a 5 A Day PowerPlay Minigrant. 100 students learned about living and working on the 100+ year old organic farm, visited with farm animals, and picked strawberries and carrots in the field.

    Look for these connections between local schools and the surrounding neighborhood and SEE-LA to continue with the projected Spring 2004 opening of the Media District Farmers' Market on Romaine Street.

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    HMD Calendar

    HMD Board Meeting
    When: Thursday, Sept. 18
    Time: 4:00 pm
    Where: CFI, 959 Seward St.
    Call 323-460-4770 to RSVP

    Business Watch Meeting
    When: Thursday, Oct. 9
    Time: 12:00 pm
    Where: Hollywood Community Room
    6501 Fountain Ave. (At Wilcox)

    HMD Board Meeting
    When: Thursday, Oct. 16
    Time: 4:00 pm
    Where: CFI, 959 Seward St.
    Call 323-460-4770 to RSVP

    HMD Renewal & Expansion Meetings
    When: Oct. 16 & 17
    Call 323-460-4770 for additional info

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    Your consent is necessary to obliterate graffiti at your site. The Hollywood Beautification Team, through the city, will assist in the acquisition of free paint for your property or paint out graffiti using your paint.

    Please make sure that your business or property has a signed Agreement on file. For more information or an Agreement, please contact Devin at 323.460.4770.

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    Activities Report
    Week ending 8/10/03
    (compiled by Langner Security Service)

    Activity Month Total
    Aggressive Panhandlers 21
    Assaults 2
    Green Tags (See Story on page 1) 47
    Illegal Encampments 43
    Loitering/Trespassing 162
    Merchant Contacts 201
    Suspicious Persons 15
    Arrests 4
    Calls for service 58

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    Questions or Comments

    Feel free to contact the Hollywood Media District using the following contact information:

    Hollywood Media District
    1304 North Highland Avenue #200
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    Phone:  323.460.6322
    Fax:  323.460.6488

    Executive Director: Mary Lou Dudas

    Assistant: Devin Strecker

    Hollywood Media District Field Office
    6775 Santa Monica Blvd. #2A
    Hollywood, CA 90038
    Phone:  323.871.4150
    Hours:  7am - 11pm, Mon-Sat

    Security Supervisor: Ken Nakano

    Hollywood Media District Property Owners
    Association Board of Directors

    Jeff Anthony, President - Iron Mountain Film and Sound
    Tim Mahoney, Vice-President - Hollywood Center Studios
    Eliza Thorne, Secretary - Seward Film Vaults
    Don Robertson, Treasurer - Honda of Hollywood
    Fred Anawalt - Anawalt Lumber Company
    Carol Cassella - RenMar Studios
    Jack Fleming - ADS
    Morton Lakretz - The Crossroads
    Michael Malick - Ramsey Shilling Real Estate
    Jacques Massachi - Ori Service Center
    Albert Sweet - Al Sweet Development
    Gene La Pietra - Arena Cafe
    Brian Scane - The Paladin Group, Inc.
    Ferris Wehbe - Hollywood Little Red School

    Questions or Comments

    Hollywood Area Police Station: 213-482-4302
    Hollywood Community Relations: 213-485-4310
    LA Fire Department Emergency: 911
    Damaged Parking Meters: 877-215-3958
    Lot Cleaning: 800-996-2489
    Department of Transportation: 213-485-2489
    Bulky Item Pick Up (Residents Only): 800-773-3326
    Animal Regulation: 888-452-7381
    Building and Safety: 213-977-6966
    Potholes, Curb, Street Damage BSM: 800-996-2489

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