Volume 2, No. 7: Oct, 2002

    October 2002 | Issue No.7
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    Farmers Market Hours Change

    The Media District Farmers' Market (MDFM) is the only Friday, open-air certified farmers' market in the heart of Hollywood, where farmers sell the freshest, in-season California-grown produce, as well as flowers, nuts, dried fruits, jams and jelly and much more. The Market has changed its hours to 3:00PM - 7:00PM so that employees, visitors and residents of the media district can enjoy a head start on their weekend shopping. The change went into effect on Oct. 4th.

    The market is located at the 1100 block of Cole Avenue in Hollywood between Santa Monica Blvd. and Lexington.

    The market is sponsored by HMD and operated by Sustainable Economic Enterprises of Los Angeles (SEE-LA). Check out the website at www.farmernet.com.
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    Club AD & American Linen: Another BID Success Story!

    When Alan Davis took over a burned out club and turned it into Club AD (836 Highland), it was an immediate success. However, the success of a nighttime business brings conflicts: parking issues, trash and noise to name a few. Media District businesses and residents began complaining so the BID took action. Mary Lou Dudas, BID Executive Director, helped broker a deal between Mr. Davis and Jim Ginnetti of American Linen. Ginnetti received corporate approval for American Linen to lease its parking lot to the Club at night, and now most club goers utilize the valet parking. The parking lot will be graced with new landscaping as well as a wrought iron fence. The new curb cut was made to maintain the tree pattern that the BID is developed on Highland. This success story proves that communication and working together is win win for everyone involved. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact the BID office.
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    Security Pilot Program Begins

    On September 13, Advanced Tech Security began the HMD's security pilot program using off-duty armed officers. Dan Hoffman, the security supervisor, was very pleased with the first deployment of officers, which began at 7:00 pm and ended at 3:00 am. Supervisor Hoffman and the officers visited every business that was open to let them know that they will be available to help with problem loiterers, drug dealers and prostitutes. "We will have our officers out at different times of the day and night," Hoffman said. "We are prepared to make arrests for illegal activity if necessary." Most groups were asked to move on and complied, but complained that Advanced Tech was "messing up business."

    Since then, Advanced Tech has been running day shifts as well as night shifts. The day laborers at Terry Lumber and Dunn Edwards Paint have become a problem to passing cars and adjacent property owners. One of the day laborers was arrested by LAPD for narcotics possession last month. Advanced Tech will monitor the activity at both locations. No arrests have been made to date.

    The Hollywood Media District's new LAPD Senior Lead Officer, Vince Aguirre, has made an immense impact on the level of street activity in the BID. Within two weeks of taking over the Media District, Aguirre made 7 arrests at Highland and Santa Monica alone! Aguirre and Hoffman worked together in the past at the Hollywood Division of LAPD. "You won't find a better officer than Vince Aguirre," Hoffman said. "I am confident that the partnership between Advanced Tech and LAPD will make an immediate positive impact regarding the quality of life issues currently plaguing the Media District."

    The pilot program will run until Dec. 13. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the BID office.
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    5 Things in 5 Months

    In June, five goals were set with the HMD and Councilman Tom LaBonge. In our fourth month, much headway has been made with these requests; the following is an update.

    1. Transportation - a. Crest National, Kodak, Ron Groeper and Rich Jackson met on September 16th to discuss the possibility of making McCadden one-way north from Romaine to Santa Monica. The plans are currently in the Planning Dept. of the Department of Transportation (DOT). All parties want to review the plans before signing petitions and implementation. Part of this proposal is to modify the parking meters to 4 hours. The stakeholders on McCadden have signed off on making one-way south from Fountain to Santa Monica. This will also deter crime in the area by preventing right turns off Santa Monica. b. The Hudson Street petitions were turned over to DOT for engineering and implementation. c. Requested to allow parking on the north and south sides of Romaine between Las Palmas and Seward with no restrictions. d. Requested changing "No Parking" on Highland from Melrose to Waring (1 block) to 3:30pm to 6:30pm from 3:00pm to 7:00pm. e. Request to modify parking meters on Las Palmas from Romaine to Santa Monica to 4 hour parking. f. Requested suspension of street cleaning by Bureau of Street Services in favor of Hollywood Beautification Team during non peak business hours.

    2. Highland Gateway - Engineering and surveyed plans for 6 median strips submitted to Building & Safety Dept. on September 12. Project will be ready for bid by mid October. Melrose Gateway will begin implementation when medians are approved.

    3. Underground Utilities - No progress to date.

    4. Prostitution & Drug Dealing - Clean Needles Now is still looking for another location in Hollywood. Their lease expires at the end of the year. The off duty officers 3-month pilot program (see story) began September 13th.

    5. Media District Sign Overlay - No Progress to date.
    Look forward to continuing updates on our 5 Things in 5 Months.
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    Recommendations Made for District

    In an effort to continue moving towards the ideal Media District community, a consultant was brought in to prepare recommendations for the Hollywood Planners. Laura Cansicio surveyed board members and other key stakeholders for their input regarding the preservation and future development of the District.

    Nine key issues were discussed in the individual interviews: Parking; traffic on Highland; redevelopment of Santa Monica to end crime in the district; inconsistent zoning; the need for public transportation along Cahuenga and Highland; revitalization of old historic buildings; the need for more green space (pocket parks); the need for more street; and a desire to create a village-like atmosphere.

    "We will develop, from the suggestions, an actual visual aid," said Dennis Chew of the Community Planning Bureau. "Then we take it out to the public." Chew said there will be 3-4 workshops held to get comments; then they will decide what the actual projects will be.

    For more information, contact the Chamber at 323-469-8311.
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    Hollywood Beautification Team Report

    Week of Sep. 9-15, 2002 Week Month Year
    Trash Bags Collected 325 1328 3151
    Business Graffiti (Sq. ft.) 304 2541 7632
    City Property Graffiti (# of cases) 70 163 378

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    HMD Calendar

    HMD Board of Directors Meeting
    When: Thursday, October 24th
    Time: 4:00 pm
    Where: Hollywood Center Studios
    1040 N. Las Palmas

    Media District Farmers' Market - New Hours!

    When: Every Friday
    Time: 10:30am - 3pm
    Where: 1100 North Cole Ave
    (Next to the Park)

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    Your consent is necessary to obliterate graffiti at your site. The Hollywood Beautification Team, through the city, will assist in the acquisition of free paint for your property or paint out graffiti using your paint.
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    Activities Report
    Through August 24, 2002
    (compiled by Langner Security Service)

      Week Month Year
    Notification HBT 2 15 110
    Notification LAPD 0 4 169
    Patrol Request Business 0 0 7
    Drinking Narcotic 3 13 77
    Loitering 90 207 1192
    Day Labor Daily Daily Daily

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    Questions or Comments

    Feel free to contact the Hollywood Media District using the following contact information:

    Hollywood Media District
    1304 North Highland Avenue #200
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    Phone:  323.460.6322
    Fax:  323.460.6488

    Executive Director: Mary Lou Dudas

    Assistant: Devin Strecker

    Hollywood Media District Field Office
    6775 Santa Monica Blvd. #2A
    Hollywood, CA 90038
    Phone:  323.871.4150
    Hours:  7am - 11pm, Mon-Sat

    Security Supervisor: James Leonard

    Hollywood Media District Property Owners
    Association Board of Directors

    Jeff Anthony, President - Iron Mountain Film and Sound
    Tim Mahoney, Vice-President - Hollywood Center Studios
    Eliza Thorne, Secretary - Seward Film Vaults
    Don Robertson, Treasurer - Honda of Hollywood
    Fred Anawalt - Anawalt Lumber Company
    Carol Cassella - RenMar Studios
    Morton Lakretz - The Crossroads
    Michael Malick - Ramsey Shilling Real Estate
    Jacques Massachi - Ori Service Center
    Mitzi Mogul - Art Deco Society
    Gene La Pietra - Arena Cafe
    Brian Scane - The Paladin Group, Inc.
    Fares Wehbe - Hollywood Little Red School

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