Volume 5, No. 10: Dec, 2004

    December 2004 | Volume No.5 | Issue No.9
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    Tis The Season

    The Holidays are upon us once again, and the Media District is doing its part to spread the cheer. The antique light fixtures on Cahuenga Blvd. and Cole Ave. have been wrapped with garland and ribbon again this year. The work was done by our maintenance crew, the Hollywood Beautification Team. Happy Holidays!


    Photos by Devin Strecker


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    Contractors interviewed for cleaning

    With the successful renewal and expansion of the BID, many preparations are being made to transform into the new phase. Per our agreement with the City of Los Angeles, HMD must go out to bid on our contracts. The clean committee sent out the RFP (request for proposal) to interested contractors in November. After reviewing the proposals and interviewing contractors, the committee will make a recommendation to the Board at the next meeting, which will be held on Jan. 20 (see Calendar, pg 3.) The clean committee is David Mozes, CMS Real Estate; Gene LaPietra, Circus Disco, Carol Cassella, RenMar Studios, and Ron Groeper, Ron Groeper Photo-graphy. The Safety Committee also sent out RFP's and is currently awaiting proposals for the security contract.

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    Business Watch

    The December Business Watch meeting focused on parking issues in the BID, specifically overnight parking problems on Romaine and the surrounding streets, including both in the current district and the expansion area. Two representatives from the Department of Transportation, Jeannie Shen and Fabio Arias, were on hand to answer questions and listen to comments from property owners. Suggestions were made for introducing permit parking in the industrial areas that would help LAPD better control the congregation of vehicles used for overnight camping in the area. Trucks that are parked overnight serve as concealment for drug dealers and prostitutes on the streets. Several of the campers are being lived in. In order to post "No Overnight Parking" (most likely, no parking from 3:00am - 6:00 am), petitions must be signed from 50% of each side of the street for each block. Several property owners volunteered to help get the signatures. Once the signs are placed, it is important that they are enforced. Shin suggested having Frank Maldonano, Captain of Parking Enforcement for DOT, assist with this matter. Mary Lou Dudas, HMD Executive Director, said she will invite him to a future meeting. Also discussed was the recurring problem of homeless people in the District. The next Business Watch is scheduled for Thursday, January 13th. (See Calendar, pg. 3)

    Please update your No Trespassing Orders.
    Our Safety Patrol Team is currently updating their "No Trespassing Order" to help eliminate transients from loitering or sleeping on private property. To move transients from private property, we must have a signed form on file from the property owner. Please contact Ken Nakano, Director of Security for HMD, at 323-871-4150 or via e-mail at Kenneth.Nakano@securitasinc.com

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    Slate of nominees contested

    The Slate of Nominees as chosen by the Nominating Committee and reported in last month's Media Messenger was contested by several individuals. To contest the slate, a person must be a property owner or the authorized representative of a property owner in good standing; and must submit a petition signed by at least 20 property owners in good standing. After receiving and verifying the petitions, the Election Committee added five nominees to the slate. The new nominees are:

    _ Mike Mallick, Marcus & Millichap, representing David Alexander, 936 N. Highland Ave.
    _ Jacques Massachi, Highland Chevron, 1255 N. Highland Ave.
    _ Ana Ramirez, Television Center, 6311 Romaine St.
    _ Brian Scane, Paladin Group Inc., 936 N. Cahuenga
    _ Albert Sweet, Albert Sweet Development, 1149 N. McCadden Place

    These five nominees' names will appear along with the original slate of 14 on the ballots which were sent out by the Election Committee on December 18. Stakeholders may select up to 14 candidates and return the ballot to the Media District office by January 20 in the envelope provided. The Election Committee will open the ballots and tabulate the votes on January 20, 2005. If you are a property owner and did not receive your ballot, please contact Devin at 323-460-4770. A replacement ballot, with the same ballot number as the original sent to your legal address, will be sent to you at any address provided. Multiple copies of the same ballot will not be accepted. The Election Committee was appointed by Board President Carol Cassella and consists of Cassella, Jeff Anthony, Tim Mahoney and Larry Curtis. Once the slate has been determined, the terms of the Directors shall be randomly selected by the directors. Lastly, the new officers will be selected by the new Board of Directors.

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    HMD says "Thanks" to Safty and Clean teams

    Nearing the end of a very successful year for the Hollywood Media District, staff and board members showed their appreciation by treating the Safety Patrol team and the Clean Team supervisors to a holiday luncheon at the BID office. The entire Safety Patrol team was joined by Security Director Kenneth Nakano; John Phillips and Rickey Teems of Securitas Inc. Herb Sims and Rena Oso, our supervisors from HBT, were also present. Thanks again for all the dedication you have shown to the Hollywood Media District; it wouldn't be the same without each of you!

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    Business Watch Meeting
    Thursday, Jan. 13, 12:00 Noon
    Hollywood Community Room
    6501 Fountain Ave. (At Wilcox)
    We will have a guest speaker From Los Angeles DOT.
    Call 323-460-4770 to RSVP Lunch will be served.

    HMD Board Meeting
    Thursday, Jan. 20, 4pm
    Location T.B.A.,
    call 323-460-4770 for more details.

    A record number of attendees were present at the December Board Meeting, which was held on Tuesday, Dec. 7th at CFI, 959 Seward St. The annual meeting followed two days later as well as the Holiday Gathering.
    Photo by Devin Strecker


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    Hollywood Media District Property Owners Association Board of Directors

    Carol Cassella, President - RenMar Studios
    Jeff Anthony, Vice-President - Iron Mountain Film & Sound
    Larry Curtis, Secretary - Consolidated Film Industries
    Jack Fleming, Treasurer - Advanced Digital Services
    Fred Anawalt - Anawalt Lumber Company
    Morton Lakretz - The Crossroads
    Tim Mahoney - Hollywood Center Studios
    Michael Malick - Marcus & Millichap
    Jacques Massachi - Ori Service Center
    Albert Sweet - Al Sweet Development
    Gene La Pietra - Arena Cafe
    Ana Ramirez - Television Center
    Don Robertson - Honda of Hollywood
    Brian Scane - The Paladin Group, Inc.
    Ron Stein - Crest NationalFilm & Video
    Eliza Thorne - Seward Film Vaults
    Ferris Wehbe - Hollywood Little Red School

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    Names and Numbers

    Hollywood Area Police Station: 213-485-4302
    Hollywood Community Relations: 213-485-4310
    LA Fire Department Emergency: 911
    Damaged Parking Meters: 877-215-3958
    Lot Cleaning: 800-996-2489
    Department of Transportation: 213-485-2489
    Bulky Item Pick Up (Residents Only): 800-773-3326
    Animal Regulation: 888-452-7381
    Building and Safety: 213-977-6966
    Potholes, Curb, Street Damage BSM: 800-996-2489

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    November Activities Report

    Compiled by Ken Nakano, Securitas Inc.
    Incident Types Novermber 2004 Year to date
    Calls for Service 138 873
    Officer Observations 363 3,352
    Arrests 6 76
    Aggressive Panhandlers 17 218
    Alcohol/Narcotics Related 21 234
    Bus Stop Checks 168 991
    Green Car Tags (Precautionary) 50 1,423
    Illegal Lodging/Encampments 78 616
    Location/Hot Spot Checks 1,140 24,909
    Loitering/Trespassing 289 2,252
    Robbery (Stats provided by LAPD) 0 19

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