Volume 5, No. 9: Nov, 2004

    Novermber 2004 | Volume No.5 | Issue No.8
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    Businesses Expand and Renew!

    Not only is the BID itself expanding and renewing at the beginning of next year, but businesses within the district are also going through changes and improvements. Two such businesses, AMMO Restaurant at 1155 N. Highland Ave., and Angstrom Lighting at 837 N Cahuenga Blvd. have made quite noticeable changes that compliment the BIDÕs mission of making the area more attractive. AMMO Restaurant recently took over the space next door (formerly Homework), doubling their size. Additionally they added a bar and now carry a full line of liquor. ÒWeÕve redesigned; itÕs more refined and luxurious but in keeping with the simplicity of our original design,Ó Bene Bohm, manager, said. For more information, visit AMMOÕs website at www.ammocafe.com, which includes current menus (many items are seasonal), press clippings, and catering information. Meanwhile, Angstrom Lighting has launched a bold new corporate identity, meant to capture the revitalized spirit of the company, that includes a new mark branded on everything from its business cards and vehicles to its website and the T-shirts worn by staff. But perhaps the most noticeable change here in the district is the updated building faade with its bright yellow and blue paint. "This really is a milestone for our company," stated Frans Klinkenberg, Angstrom's President and CEO. "This new look signifies a regenesis of our company, and a renewed promise to be the lighting and special effects resource clients can count on for a brilliant performance every time." For more information and to see the companyÕs new look, visit their website at www.angstromlighting.com. Congratulations to both businesses on their accomplishments.


    Angstrom Lighting
    at 837 N Cahuenga Blvd.

    AMMO Restaurant
    at 1155 N. Highland Ave.

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    Committees for new BID

    January 1, 2005 will mark the beginning of the newly expanded Hollywood Media District BID, which is in essence a new BID. Accordingly, several new committees have been formed to act on behalf of the new BID, made up of current board members as well as stakeholders from the entire new BID. The three committees are the Safety Committee, which will prepare an RFP (request for proposal) for the BIDÕs security contract; the Clean Committee, which will prepare an RFP for the cleaning and maintenance contract; and the Search Committee, which will decide how management of the BID will transition from Phase 1 into Phase 2. All current contracts will continue for the first few months of 2005 until the committees have awarded the new contracts to the successful bidders.

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    Business Watch

    The October Business Watch meeting focused on the ongoing security issues in the BID, including homelessness issues on Santa Monica Blvd. Potential problems were also discussed regarding the expansion area of the BID, which is the area west of Highland, that will become a part of the BID in January, 2005. Several concerns were brought up including the Clean Needles Now program, which operates within the expansion area, and the Feeding Program sponsored by the Greater West Hollywood Food Coalition. LAPD Hollywood Division Senior Lead Officer Vince Aguirre, who ran the meeting and HMD Security Supervisor Ken Nakano assured stakeholders that they are working together on these issues. The next Business Watch will be held on Dec. 2nd and will focus on addressing parking issues in the area, specifically the idea of introducing permit parking in the industrial areas that would help LAPD better control the congregation of vehicles used for overnight camping in the area.

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    New Slate Recommended by Nominating Committee

    On November 11, the Nominating Committee presented the slate they are recommending for the 2005 Board of Directors to the current board. After many meetings and interviews, the committee voted on a slate of 14 members.

    The slate consists of:
    _ William Anabel, Mader Inc., 1110-1148 Seward
    _ Juan Cabral, Shakey's Pizza, 7001 Santa Monica Blvd.
    _ Matt Chait, The Complex Theaters, 6476 Santa Monica Blvd.
    _ Phil Feiner, Pacific Title, 6350 Santa Monica Blvd.
    _ Jack Flemming, Advanced Digital Services, 948 Cahuenga
    _ Ron Groeper, Groeper Photography, 1041 N. McCadden
    _ Jordan Kitaen, Quixote Studios, 1021 N. Lillian Way
    _ Amie Moore, Musicians Union - Local 47, 817 N. Vine St.
    _ David Mozes, Fixel Realty Company, 6101-6111 Melrose Ave.
    _ Michael Parker, Mole Richardson, 937 Sycamore Ave.
    _ C. Drew Planting, Snyder Associates, 900 N. Cahuenga
    _ Ron Stein, Crest National, 6721 Romaine
    _ Eric Stillwell, Piller Squared, Inc., 7025 Santa Monica Blvd.
    _ Eliza Thorne, Seward Film Vaults, 1010 N. Seward

    To meet the legal requirements of any California Corportation, the committee extended the terms of three current board members Ð the past presidents Ð so that not all 17 seats were open at once. Those three DirectorsÕ terms were extended for one year, to end on Dec. 31, 2005. They are:
    _ Jeff Anthony, Iron Mountain Film & Sound, 1025 N. Highland Ave.
    _ Carol Cassella, Ren-Mar Studios, 846 N. Cahuenga
    _ Tim Mahoney, Hollywood Center Studios, 1040 N. Las Palmas

    The Nominating Committee spent many hours meeting and interviewing the candidates. Thank you to all the members of the Nominating Committee, and all the candidates who expressed interest in serving on the board. The Slate is now being sent out to all stakeholders in the BID. If the slate is not contested within 2 weeks, then these candidates will be elected at the annual meeting in December.
    The terms of the Directors shall be randomly selected by the directors once the slate is approved, and lastly, the new officers will be selected by the new Board of Directors.
    Congratulations to all the nominees and we look forward to working with you in the New Year!

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    HMD a Proud Supporter of Local Youth Programs

    In keeping with itÕs tradition of being ÒThe BID with a Heart,Ó the Media District has awarded $25,000 to local non-profit organizations this year. The recipients of the community outreach funds, which had been earmarked by the BIDÕs management plan, included LACER After School Programs; Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood; Hollywood PALS (Police Activities League) and Hollywood Park at Santa Monica and Cole under the direction of LA Parks & Recreation. The requests for funds from the organizations were brought to the attention of the Board of Directors by Ferris Wehbe. The Board agreed and voted to give the funds to the organizations. Each time the programs are administered, a banner will be displayed at the event which reads ÒSponsored by the Hollywood Media District.Ó

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    Hollywood Media District Property Owners Association Board of Directors

    Carol Cassella, President - RenMar Studios
    Jeff Anthony, Vice-President - Iron Mountain Film & Sound
    Larry Curtis, Secretary - Consolidated Film Industries
    Jack Fleming, Treasurer - Advanced Digital Services
    Fred Anawalt - Anawalt Lumber Company
    Morton Lakretz - The Crossroads
    Tim Mahoney - Hollywood Center Studios
    Michael Malick - Marcus & Millichap
    Jacques Massachi - Ori Service Center
    Albert Sweet - Al Sweet Development
    Gene La Pietra - Arena Cafe
    Ana Ramirez - Television Center
    Don Robertson - Honda of Hollywood
    Brian Scane - The Paladin Group, Inc.
    Ron Stein - Crest NationalFilm & Video
    Eliza Thorne - Seward Film Vaults
    Ferris Wehbe - Hollywood Little Red School

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    Names and Numbers

    Hollywood Area Police Station: 213-485-4302
    Hollywood Community Relations: 213-485-4310
    LA Fire Department Emergency: 911
    Damaged Parking Meters: 877-215-3958
    Lot Cleaning: 800-996-2489
    Department of Transportation: 213-485-2489
    Bulky Item Pick Up (Residents Only): 800-773-3326
    Animal Regulation: 888-452-7381
    Building and Safety: 213-977-6966
    Potholes, Curb, Street Damage BSM: 800-996-2489

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    October Activities Report

    Compiled by Ken Nakano, Securitas Inc.
    Incident Types October 2004 Year to date
    Calls for Service 113 735
    Officer Observations 289 2,969
    Arrests 10 70
    Aggressive Panhandlers 14 201
    Alcohol/Narcotics Related 27 213
    Bus Stop Checks 179 823
    Green Car Tags (Precautionary) 30 1,373
    Illegal Lodging/Encampments 55 538
    Location/Hot Spot Checks 2,716 22,769
    Loitering/Trespassing 241 1,963
    Robbery (Stats provided by LAPD) 1 19

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