Volume 4, No. 2: Feb, 2003

    February 2003 | Volume No.4 | Issue No.2
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    Changes Shaping Up Highland

    As the Gateway project on Highland Avenue progresses, visible improvements are changing the urban environment into a pedestrian-friendly corridor. In addition to the 84 shade trees that were planted on and around Highland last June, HBT (the BID's clean team) recently installed 10 Dactylifera Palm and 10 Tipu trees between Melrose and Waring. The work was completed over the first weekend in February. Currently, the palm trees are tied at the top in order for them to begin growing correctly in their new location. The ties will be removed at the end of March.

    The lines have already been drawn on the asphalt showing where the median will be. Ground should be broken next week.

    Shown in the picture above is the proposed Gateway, including an over-the-street sign, the medians and trees.

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    Campus Committee Formed

    The Board of Directors has formed a Campus Committee in order to focus on the projects that tie the entire district together. Two of the main priorities of this committee are tree planting in the district and street furniture.

    Through the DWP's "Trees For A Green LA" project, the BID is planning to plant over 280 trees within the district. The goal is to begin planting by April.

    The committee is also recommending the BID replace the city's 23 trash receptacles and add a few more new, high quality receptacles in the BID.

    The committee will also look at zoning. Phillip Bacerra, Community Planning Bureau, and Adrin Nazarian from Councilman LaBonge's office are assisting the committee.

    Members of the Campus Committee are: Carol Cassella, Chair; Jack Fleming; Michael Malick; Jacques Massachi; Brian Scane; Eliza Thorne; and Ferris Wehbe.

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    Visioning Session Focuses BID Goals

    Safety remains the number one priority of the Hollywood Media District, as determined at the BID's visioning session.

    To start off the new year on the right foot, the HMD Board of Directors, along with several guests, met for a strategic planning retreat conducted by Brad Segal of PUMA (Progressive Urban Management Associates).

    The goal of the visioning session was to clarify what the BID should concentrate on in the next 12-18 months.

    After reviewing the management plan and the initial goals of the BID, board members discussed the progress the district has made and decided which areas, such as safety, needed more attention and resources.

    The three main goals identified for the BID include: 1. Advancing the campus improvements (street furniture, trees and medians), 2. Preparing for renewal and expansion of the BID, and 3. To increase the effectiveness of it's advocacy.

    After these goals were determined, the group then developed plans to keep these initiatives on target. A campus committee was formed (see story on page one), the BID renewal and expansion team will be assembled in early spring, and the board agreed to work more closely with the other BIDs in Hollywood as well as the neighborhood council.

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    5 Things in 5 Months

    The holidays slowed our progress tremendously with our Five Things but we are hopeful that great progress will be made in the first quarter of 2003.

    1. Transportation - a. Bureau of Street Services has ask the BID to have Petitions signed for the Abatement of Street cleaning in favor of our clean team cleaning the streets at more convenient times. Once the petitions are signed by 2/3 vote per block, the no parking signs will come down. No progress to report on diagonal parking or one-way streets.

    2. Highland Gateway - See related story in this newsletter.

    3. Underground Utilities - No progress to report.

    4. Prostitution & Drug Dealing - ACity Council voted into effect an ordinance, introduced by Councilman LaBonge, that if a person is seen soliciting for prostitution, their car may be confiscated on the first offense, and sold on the second offense. Our security reports indicate loitering for prostitution and drug dealing is reduced significantly.

    5. Media District Sign Overlay - Public meetings announced in this newsletter.

    Look forward to continuing updates on our 5 Things in 5 Months.

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    Sign Overlay Zone Focus Groups

    Visual blight and clutter; protection of historic signs; enforcement; and the creation of a distinctive Hollywood sign aesthetic are all topics that will be discussed at a series of two focus groups regarding the proposed Sign Overlay Zone for Hollywood. Staff members from the City of Los Angeles will coordinate the focus groups, and explain the concepts of the Overlay Zone. The focus groups are scheduled for Feb. 18 (9:30am-11am) and 25 (4pm-5:30pm) at the Hollywood Entertainment Museum, 7021 Hollywood Blvd. For more information, please call Vivian at the Hollywood Chamber, 323-469-8311.

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    HMD Logo Gets a Facelift

    Since change is in the air in the Media District, the board has unanimously approved a new logo for the BID. Created by our urban designer, Suisman Urban Design, the new logo represents the not only the film industry at the heart of the district, but also the lush, green campus that the district is well on it's way to becoming.

    The logo will be a part of upcoming marketing tools and concepts, and will be seen on future BID projects.

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    HMD Calendar

    Business Watch Meeting
    When: Thursday, Feb. 13
    Time: 12:00 pm
    Where: Hollywood Community Room
    6501 Fountain Ave. (At Wilcox)

    Campus Committee Meeting
    When: Thursday, Feb. 20
    Time: 3:00 pm
    Where: Hollywood Center Studios
    1040 N. Las Palmas
    Call 323-460-4770 to RSVP

    HMD Board of Directors Meeting
    When: Thursday, Feb. 20
    Time: 4:00 pm
    Where: Hollywood Center Studios
    1040 N. Las Palmas
    Call 323-460-4770 to RSVP

    Let's Do Lunch, with Chief Bratton
    When: : Wednesday, Feb. 26
    Time: 12:00 noon
    Where: Roosevelt Hotel
    7000 Hollywood Blvd.
    Call 323-460-4770 for more info or to RSVP

    Media District Farmers' Market - New Hours!

    Temporarily Discontinued

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    Hollywood Beautification Team Report

    Week of Jan. 20-26, 2003 Week Month Year
    Trash Bags Collected 323 1111 1111
    Business Graffiti (Sq. ft.) 912 4988 4988
    City Property Graffiti (# of cases) 54 214 214

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    Your consent is necessary to obliterate graffiti at your site. The Hollywood Beautification Team, through the city, will assist in the acquisition of free paint for your property or paint out graffiti using your paint.

    Please make sure that your business or property has a signed Agreement on file. For more information or an Agreement, please contact Devin at 323.460.4770.

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    Activities Report
    Through August 24, 2002
    (compiled by Langner Security Service)

      Week Month Year
    Notification HBT 1 1 1
    Notification LAPD 0 0 2
    Patrol Request Business 2 0 4
    Drinking Narcotic 0 0 5
    Stolen Vehicles 0 0 0
    Loitering 92 11 509
    Day Labor Daily Daily Daily

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    Questions or Comments

    Feel free to contact the Hollywood Media District using the following contact information:

    Hollywood Media District
    1304 North Highland Avenue #200
    Hollywood, CA 90028
    Phone:  323.460.6322
    Fax:  323.460.6488

    Executive Director: Mary Lou Dudas

    Assistant: Devin Strecker

    Hollywood Media District Field Office
    6775 Santa Monica Blvd. #2A
    Hollywood, CA 90038
    Phone:  323.871.4150
    Hours:  7am - 11pm, Mon-Sat

    Security Supervisor: Michael M. Zuvich

    Hollywood Media District Property Owners
    Association Board of Directors

    Jeff Anthony, President - Iron Mountain Film and Sound
    Tim Mahoney, Vice-President - Hollywood Center Studios
    Eliza Thorne, Secretary - Seward Film Vaults
    Don Robertson, Treasurer - Honda of Hollywood
    Fred Anawalt - Anawalt Lumber Company
    Carol Cassella - RenMar Studios
    Jack Fleming - ADS
    Morton Lakretz - The Crossroads
    Michael Malick - Ramsey Shilling Real Estate
    Jacques Massachi - Ori Service Center
    Albert Sweet - Al Sweet Development
    Gene La Pietra - Arena Cafe
    Brian Scane - The Paladin Group, Inc.
    Fares Wehbe - Hollywood Little Red School

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