Clean Team

The Hollywood Media District 'Clean Team' is a private non-profit vendor named the Hollywood Beautification Team (HBT). HBT's President & CEO is Sharyn Romano. HBT empties trash bins and replaces trash bags from receptacles, cleans and remove all trash and debris from sidewalks, gutters, driveways, tree wells and around trash receptacles. They paint clean with solution, sandblast or pressure wash graffiti stickers from buildings, trees, poles, planters, utility bases or other surfaces daily or as needed on city property. They accept paint from property owners in order to color match when requested. HBT also pressure washes the bus stops regularly and sidewalks on Highland, Santa Monica, Cahuenga, Wilcox and Cole Avenues. There is a minimum of 8 people per day to accomplish the above services.

You must have a "Graffiti Paint Out Agreement" on file with HBT to receive the graffiti services. To obtain an Agreement, call Jim Omahen at 323.860.0088, or email jim@mediadistrict.org .